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VISUALIZE and Conflict Resolution

In order to live an interesting and fulfilled life we have to be capable of conflict. The art of conflict management can be key to personal and professional growth.

During the VISUALIZE project we used Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to practice critical thinking skills by observing images closely. We used a set of questions to to make sure that our thinking was connected to what we actually saw in front of us.

Assuming that we can freeze any life situation into a picture - like a photograph - we can use VTS to improve our conflict resolution skills. This approach prevents us from getting lost in emotional thoughts. It helps us to focus on the cause of the conflict.

The questions “What was going in the situation (picture)?” and “What did I see (hear) that led me to my view point?” is a good start to deal with any conflict. It is as important to bring good evidence for your point of view as to listen to the evidence of the opposing party. Many conflicts are based on missunderstandings. Whether there is friction in the work or a family dispute or friends disagree with us, the clearer we can express ourselves, the greater the chance of a good end to the conflict.

The project Visualize: An innovative training concept for strengthening the tolerance and soft skills of young people, addresses especially these skills by equipping the youngsters with tolerance and overall soft skills by looking at art and responding to each others comments.

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