IO 1: State of the art and creating awareness for the topic itself

Visualize project aims at fostering the youngsters’ tolerance and developing their overall soft skills. It delivers a crucial milestone to improve the achievement in relevant and high-level basic and transversal competences in a lifelong learning perspective. It also opens a cross-cultural, transferable, cross-sectoral cooperation by bringing art, IT, thematic experts and NGOs together in this proposed strategic partnership. This project is thought to inspire “good citizenship” for disadvantaged young people by elevating tolerance and generating a global understanding of varying points regarding the existence of a variety of possible points of view while finding common ground and eliminating the thinking patterns that suggesting that there’s a right and a wrong way to interpret the world around us.

The first step into the topic - and ensuring that all further project steps are adapted to the target group - is a short state of the art report, which has been compiled out of information collected within the immediate target groups and their teachers, trainers, key career etc.

The purpose of  this report is involving young people’s thoughts on tolerance and their current status of soft skills, which will give a quick overview to trainers and the visual thinking experts about the current situation within the target group, their disadvantages and difficulties, specific needs and interests. Thus the report provides the possibility to start smoothly into the topic with the youngsters and it further allows  to compare a before-after status. Therefore it is to foster an ice-breaking for trainers and youngsters regarding the project, as to also introduce it.

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