IO4 State of the Art 2 + Development of a short guidebook

The first step into the topic and the start of the implementation of the VISUALIZE project was a short state of the art report, which has been compiled out of questionnaires collected within the immediate target groups and their teachers, trainers, key career etc. With that report it was possible to involve young people´s thoughts on tolerance and their current status of soft skills as well as their specific needs. Now after testing the VISUALIZE training method and after young people in Germany, Spain and Macedonia where involved into and have completed the VISUALIZE Program, this state of the art report of the Intellectual Output 4-A1 was made out of a second questionnaire among young people and their trainers to be able to compare a before-after status. By using the same framework developed under O1-A1 it is now possible to evaluate changes and results and to highlight best practices. This state of the art report will be used as one fundamental basis for the guidebook that will be developed in the next step. All results of the implementation will be worked out, including obstacles faced, challenges solved and recommendations given to other trainers and organizations so that the project can be optimized in order to reach high quality results.

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